Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Mobility Systems:

USIE maintenance centers providing top quality servicing and repairs to tractors and all types of farm vehicles and equipment. 
Our full service shops are equipped with quality tire mounting and balancing machines and state-of-the art alignment equipment.
Our technicians are trained for quality safe service to make sure your vehicle gets back on the road as quickly and safety as possible.
We also are exclusive reprasantative for a wide range of farming mobility technologies, such as CTI Systems, Tire Sealant products, Tires, Sidewall Tireshields etc.      




GOODYEAR Agricultural Tires

Versatile I1 implement tire that can be used on implements or front tractor applications.
Cut resistant carcass, tread pattern gives good steering on hillsides.
DT800 R1W
Designed for row crop and other narrow applications.
The large rim diameters and narrow cross section are perfect for easy crop clearance.
Self cleaning tread lugs enhance traction in most conditions.
DT806 R1W
R1W standard width radial tractor tire designed for all round field and road service.
Extensive size range with driving speeds up to 50 km/h.
A versatile premium tire with Optitracsunique tread design.
DT830 R1W
R1W radial tire offering high air volume for high loads and flotation.
High load carrying capacity and stability.
Deep curved lug design providing outstanding traction.
Suitable for large tractors & harvesters. 50 km/h maximum speed rating.

Central Tire Inflation System

Téléflow tire pressure control systems monitor and control tire pressures in-motion,
Also known as Téléflow CTIS (Central Tire Inflation Systems).


The primary application is to improve mobility and liaison on the ground, optimizing the contact surface of the tire according to:

• the terrain surface (road, sand, fields, track, mud ...);
• the vehicle’s speed;
• the vehicle’s weight and payload.

XTRM Tire Sealant

XTRM systems® Tire Protection™ has multiple applications that fit the needs

of a wide range of industrial and professional pneumatic tires:


Civil Applications: 4Wheels, cars, mountain bikes, motorbikes, quads, etc.

Public Works Substitution tires: industrial tires, telescopic handler, compactors, graders, loaders, etc.
Slow Moving Logistic Vehicles: off-road trucks, tractors, vans, armored vehicles, etc


XTRM systems® is a preventative fluid which previously installed through the valve

or the flank, allows the reduction of air loss from tires caused by punctures, porosity and

bead leaks.


The Hutchinson Tire Shield protects the tire sidewall from cuts, tears, & snag damage.
The Hutchinson Tire Shield is:
 Terrain Resistant
 Chemical Resistant
 Fire Retardant